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Setu Preludes

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Whose existence is the foundation of all worlds, whose light illuminates all stars, whose joy is enjoyed by all beings, thou my Mentor, the Mentor of all worlds ("Vishvaguru"), kowtow! (...My Father, let my country awake.)

Saint in Sanskrit means a person free from errors. Sage is synonymical. I consider sage as scientist who works all right. More strongly, all actions of a sage are unquestionable no matter what he or she does. An absolute person acts absolute. Just as modern scientists publish their works in the form of journals, sages from ancient times have been publishing huge volumes of books called Sahitas. These works are studied by linguists, mathematicians and scientists all over the world directly or indirectly. They do nothing else except translation of already mentioned facts and figures, at most accidently correct.

I have a quotation of American physicist, John Archibald Wheeler (1911-2008) worth-mentioning about source of Western education. He said, "I like to think that someone will trace how deepest thinking of India made its way to Greece and from there to the philosophy of our times." He occupied the Chair that was held by Albert Einstein (1879-1955). He was also the first to coin the 'Black Hole' and was involved in the theoretical development of Atomic bomb. He commented, "It is curious that people like Schroedinger, Neils Bohr and Oppenheimer were Upanishad scholars."

Neils Bohr once revealed secret, "I go into the Upanishads to ask questions." Vedas are true, absolute and pure science. It is boundless. No one knows when it was put into action and how long will it continue to apply. (Here, I present only a set of knowledge I was able to gather for the next generations to read and explore.) Each Veda has a field of technology described in Upveda. Ayurveda applies Rigveda. Likewise, Gandharvaveda applies Samaveda, Dhanurveda applies Yajurveda and Shilpaveda applies Atharvaveda. Upanishads are historic conversations of students and their mentors. They are basically eighteen in numbers.

All Vedas, Upvedas and Upanishads are authored by Vishvaguru Vedavayasji Maharaj. The Chair of mentor is named Vyaspeettha (pulpit) after him. The birthday of this great sage is celebrated as Gurupurnima. When people asked Vedavayasji about how to pay tribute to him, he said that if any student worships his or her mentor on Gurupurnima, it shall be accepted as his gratutude to the great sage indeed. All true students whether they belong to this human world, gods of heaven worlds and even demons of dark worlds worship their mentors on this day. It is the only festival celebrated all over the Lokas.

Vedas are evidence of truth. Words of mine or someone other stands true only if consistent with the Vedas and not otherwise. Vedas are the constitution of all Lokas. Hence, I shall quote hymns from the Vedas or their derivatives to proof the correctness of my works. My primary book is, of course, Ganit Gayatri. It contains quantum representation of 24 Vedic elements and its applications in medicine and surgury, music and communications, mechanical and chemical engineering in addition to architecture and sculpture. Commentaries are available on all texts and speeches for students to understand the concepts underneath. Enjoy learning and brushing your skills.

I have a peom for you in the memory of the great mentor of my mentor.

Vishvaguru Lilashahji Maharaj
Vishvaguru Lilashahji MaharajVishvaguru Lilashahji Maharaj

Perfect Priest Keshwanandji blessed Baba,
Baba Dadu Swami Lilashahji.
Thou Grandfather of Setu,
Thou Father of Bapu.
Who can forget you Baba?
Thou Master of all Magic.
English Government, Indian court.
Who will solve case three decades old?
Arrived Hindu, prayed to Baba.
Thou our Priest Baba.
Save Hindu, bet is big.
Went Baba, sat Magic.
Said opposite, This is Magic!
We will win, dead sure.
Victory ours, you will lose.
Opposite tried Toy Tricks,
Turn now Baba yours.
Baba order Neem walks.
All worlds obey your order.
Who will not obey your order?
Opposite party prayed Baba,
Baba Thou our Allah.
Peer Thou, Thou Prophet.
All Thou, Thou do Thou.
Burn all blames now.
Thou True King of Kings learnt now.
Said Baba sweets now,
Sugar sweets dear now.
Setu says, This is Sweetest!
Eat daily Dadu diet.

You will also find this composition in the first part of my Ganit Gayatri. Let's begin the learning with research papers speeched by Vishvaguru Vivekanandji at the World's Parliament of Religions held in Chicago (USA) in connection with the Columbian Exposition of 1893. Following it, I'll discuss Gitanjali of Vishvaguru Rabindranath Tagoreji who received Nobel Prize for it in 1913 and his mysterious composition of national anthem of Bharat.

Speeches of Vishvaguru Ramtirthji, a renowned Professor of Mathematics at Lahore College of United Bharat published in the American newspapers will occupy the next room in the stream of my discussion. The glorious meetings of my mentor and the Magic of His Holiness will be brought to light in my book titled 'Home of the Hopes of Humanity'. The first, second, third, fourth and fifth part of Ganit Gayatri are titled 'Sri Ram Gita', 'Sri Devrahay Gita', 'Sri Mahavir Gita', 'Sri Krishna Gita' and 'Sri Shiv Gita' respectively.

Interested students can apply for industrial training by registration at in the nearest city of their choice. Examinations will be held in online mode and sanskrit language only. I would like you to sing a hymn (Translated to English) of Vishvaguru Kabirdasji before I close the first page of our discussion:

Silver your tongue,
Slaughter your mind.
Calm others, Calm you.


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